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"I highly recommend Haithem Badrani as an actor. From audition, through the long painful journey of casting, rehearsals, principal photography, and pick up shots, Haithem was the rock I could depend upon. He gave all of himself to the role and inspired other cast member to step up their game.


His role of silent father, protector, and benevolent dictator of his little clan in a foreign land was carried off with aplomb. His tireless efforts not only inches role but also when he was reading off camera for others vastly improved the quality of our production.


He nailed his character of Mr. Abdul Khan and stayed consistently in character and was one of the easiest cast members to direct. I enjoyed working with him so much such that I am developing projects with him in  mind. I will work with him with out hesitation and great joy. He will bring great value to any production."

Felix, Stephen Writer/Director of BREAKING TRADITION

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